The Latest from Ian and Hannah Junkermann – November 2022

The Latest from Ian and Hannah Junkermann – November 2022

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The Junkermanns write:


On top of all the activities, we have had lots of family fun as well! Grace helped me bake for the first time. She assisted me in making pumpkin bread. It was so delicious that both loafs were gone in 3 days. We have been embracing fall as well, with painting pumpkins, washing the painted pumpkins, raking and jumping in leaves (yes my kids do have rakes, they just decided to rake with golf clubs instead that time). We’ve filled our afternoons with biking, racing (Elisha is really into running at the moment), playing all the tag games, finding ourselves exploring campus and playing at the park. When its too cold outside, we have been building forts, playing board games, jamming out with our instruments, and playing hide and seek. Life with toddlers is showing us how we need to be ready to run and move and be as active as we can be! But it’s been so fun and rewarding to make all these memories with the kids!

Ian’s guy, Thomas, brought his guitar over one night and both kids wanted to play along with him. It was a sweet moment!

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