Update for the Hands-on Mission Project September 18 in Newcomb, NM

Update for the Hands-on Mission Project September 18 in Newcomb, NM

More on our Ongoing Partnership with the Newcomb Assembly of God Church

Newcomb Mission Project 2021 – September 18, 2021

Our church will be working with our sister church and our friends in Newcomb, NM to install gutters on their church building.  This will be a one day project on Saturday, Sept. 18.  We plan to go early in the morning and return to Durango that evening.  We’ll bring lunch with us for everyone.  If you’re interested in participating or would like more information, please contact Elliot Ott or Bill Postler.

And Please remember:

July 13-15 we will partner for VBS

Vacation Bible School is anticipated to be smaller this year because of Covid but everyone believes it is important just the same.

December 18 – Joint Christmas Party

Money is tight. What will be on the menu this year? We’ll try our hand at Stone Soup, fry bread, and cake.

Reminding you of the latest Mission Team Report

 “We charged ahead prayerfully to set dates and make plans, knowing the world we live in now is in constant change. We trust in God to guide and show us what we need to do. During 2020, FPC’s Team Mission team delivered a washer and dryer, refrigerator, 6 loads of household goods and clothing, one load of citrus fruit, two trailers of food and paper products, toys and clothing for 14 children for Christmas, and 28 turkeys and 28 hams for food baskets. All of this done, of course, through the generous contributions of our church and congregation.

“Pastor Keeswood emphasized the importance of the items we bring for distribution in the Newcomb area.  She assured us that every item is used. If you have furniture, linens, gently used clothing, kitchen and household items you would like to donate, please contact Pat Wainwright at 970-749-7961 or email her HERE. Tax deductible receipts available upon request.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for supporting and contributing to this mission project.

Pat Wainwright and Team Mission”