The Birthdays and Anniversary Page for June

Birthdays in June

Birthday                  Name                                                   Email

2-Jun                      Klare Colbert                                         Click HERE

3-Jun                      Murphy Chamberlain                            Dependent

8-Jun                      Jan Scott                                              Click HERE

10-Jun                   Bill Collins                                             Click HERE

12-Jun                   Lori Ott                                                  Click HERE

12-Jun                   Nancy Stevens                                     Click HERE

14-Jun                   Jordon Brenner                                    Click HERE

16-Jun                   Emma Deem                                       Dependent

19-Jun                   Envy Gomez Cruz                              Dependent

19-Jun                   Lynn Maddox                                      Click HERE

20-Jun                   Mark Doty                                           Click HERE

22-Jun                   John Gardella                                     Click HERE

24-Jun                   Sue Woll                                             Click HERE

26-Jun                   Emma Selser                                     Click HERE

26-Jun                   Lynn Sims                                          Click HERE

28-Jun                   Cheryl Clay                                       Click HERE

30-Jun                   Clark Kepple                                     Click HERE

Anniversaries in June

Anniversary          Names                                                E-mail

5-Jun                      Bob and Virginia Condit                   For Bob, Click HERE; for Virginia, Same

6-Jun                      Gary and Jan Scott                          For Gary, Click HERE; for Jan, Click HERE

11-Jun                   David and Debbie Shew                  For David, Click HERE; for Debbie, Click HERE

14-Jun                   Bill and Cindy Donelan                    For Bill, Click HERE; for Cindy, Same

14-Jun                   Bill and Peggy Hoffman                  For Bill, Click HERE; for Peggy, Same

20-Jun                   Tom and Penni Compton                For Tom, Click HERE; for Penni, Same

21-Jun                   Bill and Sheri Collins                       For Bill, Click HERE; for Sheri, Same