The Birthdays and Anniversary Page for February

Birthdays in February

Birthday          Name                 Email

1-Feb     Sally Bradley               Click HERE

8-Feb     Dave Schank               Click HERE

20-Feb   Meade Harbison         Click HERE

22-Feb  Gene Bradley               Click HERE

22-Feb   Lloyd Lasher                Click HERE

23-Feb   Peggy White                Click HERE

24-Feb   Rodney Rowan            Click HERE

25-Feb   Sarah Shepherd          Click HERE

28-Feb   Linda Arndt                 Click HERE

28-Feb   Gary Scott                   Click HERE

Anniversaries in February

Anniversary      Names                          E-mail

14-Feb          Elliot and Lori Ott           For Elliot click HERE; For Lori same         

24-Feb          Rodney and Jill Rowan  For Rodney click HERE; For Jill click HERE