The Birthdays and Anniversary Page for May

Birthdays in May

Birthday                                 Name                                                   Email

1-May                                      Greg Drover                                         Click HERE

2-May                                      Bly (Robert) Colbert                             Click HERE

3-May                                      Jan Postler                                           Click HERE

4-May                                      Bob Condit                                           Click HERE

4-May                                      Steve Parker                                        Click HERE

6-May                                      Asher Smith                                         Dependent

8-May                                      Kristin Smith                                         Click HERE

11-May                                   Grant Ridgeway                                     Dependent

18-May                                   Bill Hoffman                                            Click HERE

18-May                                   Chris Jackson                                       Click HERE

19-May                                   Shep (Gordon) Shepherd                     Click HERE

21-May                                   Linda Ivie                                              Click HERE

22-May                                   Abi Barstatis                                         Dependent

26-May                                   Ann St. John                                         Click HERE

27-May                                   Karla Gomez                                        Click HERE

27-May                                   Joan Spicer                                           No Email

Anniversaries in May

Anniversary        Names                                                        E-mail

4-May                    Bill and. Jan Postler                                  For Bill click HERE; For Jan click HERE

21-May                 Paul and Pat Wainwright                           For Paul click HERE; For Pat, same