The Birthdays and Anniversaries Page for February

The Birthdays and Anniversaries Page for February

Birthdays the last week in January and in February

Birthday         Name                                      Email

28-Jan             Kim Todd                                 Click HERE

29-Jan             Leroy Williamson                    No email

30-Jan             Chris Howe                              Click HERE

31-Jan             Jeff Chamberlain                    Click HERE

1-Feb               Sally Bradley                         Click HERE

4-Feb               Cindy Donelan                      Click HERE

8-Feb               Jane Carman                        Click HERE

8-Feb               Dave Schank                         Click HERE

9-Feb               Nancy Edwards                    Click HERE

10-Feb             Peggy Hoffman                    Click HERE

20-Feb             Meade Harbison                 Click HERE

22-Feb             Gene Bradley                      Click HERE

22-Feb             Lloyd Lasher                      Click HERE

23-Feb             Rick Selser                        No email

23-Feb             Peggy White                      Click HERE

24-Feb             Rodney Rowan                  Click HERE

25-Feb             Sarah Shepherd                Click HERE

28-Feb             Linda Arndt                       Click HERE

28-Feb             Cyndy Ostermick              Click HERE

28-Feb             Gary Scott                        Click HERE

Anniversaries in February

Anniversary    Names                                       Email

14-Feb             Elliot and Lori Ott                      For Elliot, click HERE; For Lori, same

24-Feb             Rodney and Jill Rowan             For Rodney, click HERE; For Jill, Click HERE