Deacons Care

Deacons Care

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Remember: Prayer is POWERFUL and WORKS!

Here are the Prayer Requests for Sunday July 12

10:02:24 From John Gardella : Hoping all are safe, healthy, vigilant and prayerful. Also. asking prayers for our community, our country, for all of our governmental and church leaders, and for wisdom and discernment,  I ask also for our country to experience a spiritual and moral awakening, and a biblical  revival. We pray for Rev Roy Altman  as he deal s with his health issues.

10:03:12 From Steve Parker: Parker and Geni are here and praying that everyone stays safe. Bless all the care givers, our political leaders and first responders.

10:37:08 From Bill & Jan Postler : Praises for Belinda’s good medical test results and for our young friend Kreg who is having triple bypass surgery early tomorrow.  Continued prayers for healing and recovery for Sheri Collins and Betty Ann Beauregard following surgery, and for healing for Larry, Lori Ott’s father Please also pray for Gordon Clouser, suffering again with lung cancer

10:39:13 From Ginny Miller-Cavanagh: for Padraic and Roxanne

10:39:44 From Gregor Gardner: We are grateful to God that our good friend, Dr. Chris Chen got past his crisis in the ICU and is home and rapidly healing from COVID: May we not over-rely on our own “wisdom” and attempts to control what we cannot. Let us trust God even when things are scary and depressing. Prayers of thanksgiving for the beautiful music!

10:40:50 From Chris Calwell : Prayers for all the lonely and afraid, the impoverished, the  dispossessed and the homeless.  It’s a scary enough time for those of us who have jobs, homes, and families close by.  Open our hearts to reach out to those whose needs are profound.

10:43:28 From Elliot Ott: prayers for moisture,  we need rain!

Asking prayers for Padraic and Roxanne Ingle and their family who report they are doing okay and need some time and space to “just be a family” right now