Note from Team Facilities about On-campus Security

Dear Church Family,

On Sunday Feb 12th during the church service an individual came in and disrupted the service. This was a shock to all in attendance. Many of us were unsure as to what to do or what was going to happen.

During the following week, many expressed concerns for safety. Others asked what could be done to insure this could not happen again.

Statistics show that ministries are experiencing higher frequencies of criminal acts and are becoming increasingly more vulnerable. Although we should never allow fear to dictate our response, we do have a responsibility to identify potential risks and take the necessary steps to ensure we create a safe house of worship.

Members of the session have been studying safety and security issues for several months and are evaluating how we should proceed. But, because of the recent incident, session has decided to bring in an asset protection specialist to provide some accelerated guidance on developing a plan for securing the church.

 In closing, I am asking for your help, if you have a thought(s) that might help us develop a security plan, please email them to me or if you would like to be on the team developing the plan, please email me.

Bob Condit  Facilities