We’re Looking to Add Singers to our Sanctuary Choir. Please Join!

We will only rehearse on Sunday mornings during the summer when we have an anthem to sing in worship

Hey all of you aspiring singers out there.

The FPC choir needs your help. As I’m sure you know, our group has dwindled in number over the past several years. Fortunately, though small, we have a dedicated and balanced group of singers and have continued to provide anthems on a fairly consistent basis. I am so thankful for this group but we continue to grow smaller. This is where you all come in. We need more voices!!!! Because we’re a small group and many of us like to travel it is harder and harder to put together anthems on a consistant basis.

Even if you can’t read music we’d love to have you join us. I promise to help you with whatever needs you have in order to be an asset to our group. In addition to preparing music to share on Sunday mornings, we have fun during rehearsal and have become a close, supportive family!

We look forward to adding some of you to our group. Please talk to any of us if you have questions or reach out to me by email.

Tom Kyser

FPC Choir director