Message from Pastor Beau

Message from Pastor Beau

The Parable of the Pearl, A.N. Mironov, 2020, Oil on canvas

Dear Church Family,

In this week’s parable Jesus tells two short stories that seem to be pretty much the same. One about treasure and the other about a pearl. Perhaps Jesus was just trying to drive home a point telling the same story twice, but I want to suggest he was doing much more—as Jesus often was with his parables. I believe these two stories told back to back are in fact mirroring each other.  One story in order to illustrate our desire as Jesus’ disciples to reach the world around us, and the other story about the world’s self-same desire to find Jesus. But in a church that often struggles with seeking and finding others (our treasure), and a world that often rejects Jesus (their pearl of great price), how do we further engage ourselves in God’s mission and work to show the world Jesus is the real and deepest desire of their hearts? Perhaps these creative stories told for our spiritual formation can help. I can’t wait to talk about it more on Sunday.

Grace and Peace,